About us

Create stunning output online without the need for complicated software.

We're a group of innovators, technologists and entrepreneurs who found ourselves wanting ways give anybody the ability to create stunning and creative looking image and video mockups without the need for complicated software like photoshop.


"Anybody should be able to add their designs mockups to stuff without the need for complicated software"


We needed the ability to drag and drop images and videos into ready made scenes to create nice images for marketing, promotion and social networks easily.  There were tools available already, but the quality of their output was not as good as the team needed and lacked the level of detail required. So we built our own solution - Wemockup!

Taking things a step further.

Once we finished building the Wemockup system, we thought it would be really good if we could turn this into an accurate proofing system capable of simulating actual environments, materials and lighting to a level not seen before with any other online tool.

Wemockup is capable of applying real material science to surfaces to simulate realistic finishing and colour properties.  Simulation of real light entering a virtual camera allows for accurate studio setups and artistic compositions not previously available.


Wemockup has turned into an ideal proofing system for designers, product developers, and marketeers wanting to see how their designs will look in reality.




Dreaming of more.

Sometimes, we found ourselves wondering how cool it would be to be able to have our images and logos incorporated into more creative and complex scenes like a Coral Reef, or our logo sprinkled in chocolate over a cappuccino, or our logo literally formed into a star sign in the night sky.  This is now possible on wemockup!